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"The Pearls of Yesterday" by L.S. Rydde

The Pearls of Yesterday cover

First kisses ruin everything.

No matter whose lips Abigail Maria Panashe touches, her life becomes plagued with disaster. But Abby won’t give up on that romantic, fireworks kind of kiss she has dreamt of. Planned for. It just can’t be with her best friend, Theo Winthers, because that would be weird. Especially since they've played as kids in her late Papi's cabin and pretended to dance for the debutante ball together. They even perfected the routine to her wheelchair moves.

If only she hadn't ran into the next-door neighbor hottie, Hudson Giordani, on her way to Theo. Now, kissing Hudson, that would definitely be weird—no, Abby cannot think about the guy who ghosted her four years ago for no apparent reason.

Sixteen-year-old Abby has to choose between the best friend who gives her a shoulder to cry on and the crush who still gets her heart racing to be her escort for this summer's debutante ball. Because her next kiss will change all her plans.

Disability rep: #PhysicalDisability #MuscularDystrophy (character uses a wheelchair)

Publication date: #May2022 #2022year



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