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"Pages I Never Wrote" by Marco Donati

Pages I Never Wrote cover

A candid, relatable queer coming-of-age YA novel featuring an LGBT university romance and themes of disability, diversity, creativity, self-discovery and academic achievement.

“Why would he want to date me? I can’t even hold a pen.”

Luke has good friends, a passion for books, and dyspraxia, a disorder that, ironically, makes him unable to write. He also has a hatred for anyone who tries to help him. Yet when he fails his first term at university due to his learning difficulties, he’s forced to get support.

That’s how Nate, an excitable last-year student, becomes his self-proclaimed personal tutor and starts writing down essays for him, as a distraction from his own quarter-life crisis.

But Luke’s writing ambitions are not just academic. He dreams of penning a novel, although that’s never been a real possibility. Until now.

Will the two boys manage to write a successful love story together? Find out in this coming-of-age novel dedicated to all late bloomers.

Other representation: #LGBTQIA #Queer #Gay

Publication date: #June2020 #2020year

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