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"Shiny Misfits" by Maysoon Zayid & Shadia Amin

Shiny Misfits cover

A hilarious story about fame and friendship, by comedian and disability activist Maysoon Zayid, paired with Shadia Amin's absolutely perfect art!

When Bay Ann wobbles at the end of her Halloween tap dance performance, the moment goes viral! Not because of her amazing tap routine (she crushed it), but because it’s an “inspirational” moment when Alyee Maq, her crush and classmate, catches her. The world sees Bay Ann's cerebral palsy—not her talent. (For the record, she was swooning a little bit from the strength of her crush, not falling because of her palsy!)

Bay Ann doesn’t want her classmate to get all the fame, and she is NOT satisfied being anything but the best. She’s determined to find the thing that will make her famous in her own right, and enlists her two best friends, Michelle and Davey, to assist her in her quest for glory. Can she find the thing that really makes her special? Maybe it'll be a kids baking show? A school science experiment? A class debate?

But everything she tries goes off the rails, until ultimately, she thinks she sees her chance to shine—by ditching her two best friends at the end of year talent show, and pairing with nemesis/crush Alyee Maq!

Will Bay Ann pick fame and glory over friendship? Or will she learn that maybe working together is what she needed to do all along...

Other representation: #Muslim #Palestinian

Publication date: #September2023 #2023year



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