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"Say It Out Loud" by Allison Varnes

Say It Out Loud cover

An empowering look at finding your voice, facing your fears, and standing up for what's right, from the author of Property of the Rebel Librarian.

Charlotte Andrews is perfectly fine being quiet—in fact, she prefers it. When she doesn't speak, people can't make fun of her stutter. But when she witnesses bullying on the school bus and doesn't say anything, her silence comes between her and her best friend.

As if that wasn't bad enough, her parents signed her up for musical theater. Charlotte doesn't want to speak onstage, but at least she doesn't stutter when she sings. Then, just as she starts to find her voice, the arts program is cut. Charlotte can't stay silent anymore.

So she begins to write. Anonymous encouraging notes to her classmates. Letters to the school board to save the school musical. And an essay about the end of her best friendship—and her hope that she can still save it.

Words could save Charlotte Andrews and everything she believes in...if she just believes in herself enough to speak up.

Disability rep: #SpeechImpediment #Stutter

Publication date: #August2021 #2021year



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