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"How To Be More Hedgehog" by Anne-Marie Conway

How To Be More Hedgehog cover

Lily has a stutter. The signal between her brain and her mouth is all messed up—and it’s getting worse.

When a video of her practicing her class presentation is uploaded onto YouTube—head thrust forward, eyelids fluttering, lips stretched—Lily’s nightmare begins. Cyberbullying, kids at school whispering, even best friend Mia laughing behind her back.

Lily’s confidence takes a nose-dive and she can only see one way out: run away to Dad in Scotland and start all over again. But Lily quickly realises that running away isn’t the answer—that her stutter will follow her wherever she goes…

HOW TO BE MORE HEDGEHOG is about friendship and family and finding the courage to speak out.

Disability rep: #SpeechImpediment (character has a #Stutter)

Publication date: #September2022 #2022year



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