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"Let the Monster Out" by Chad Lucas

Let the Monster Out cover

Strange shared dreams...a mysterious scientist's journal...and a summer these boys will never be able to forget!

Bones Malone feels like he can't do anything right in his new small town: He almost punched the son of the woman who babysits him and his brothers, he's one of the only Black kids in Langille, and now his baseball team—the one place he really feels like he shines—just lost their first game. To make matters worse, things are getting weird. His mom isn't acting like herself—she's totally spaced out, almost like a zombie—and then he and his brothers have started to have the exact same dreams.

Kyle Specks feels like he never knows what to say to people. He thinks he might be neurodivergent, but he hasn't gotten an official diagnosis yet. His parents try their best to protect him, but Kyle knows they can't do that forever. Even though he's scared, he can't just stand by and do nothing while things in town get worse, especially not after he and Bones find a scientist's journal that might crack the mystery wide open.

But when faced with seemingly impossible situations and their own worst nightmares, will Kyle and Bones be able to find answers before it's too late? Or will fear totally consume and control them?

Other representation: #Biracial #Black

Publication date: #May2022 #2022year


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