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"Autumn Moonbeam" (series) by Emma Finlayson-Palmer

Autumn Moonbeam cover

Autumn Moonbeam loves gymnastics and dance so when Sparkledale Dance Academy have tryouts for their competitive dance team, Black Cats, she thinks it’s the most broom-tastic opportunity ever!

Just one problem, Autumn is nervous and worries she won’t make it onto the team. And then she discovers that her nasty neighbour Severina Bloodworth, who is always throwing unpleasant comments her way, is trying out too.

But with her best friend Batty by her side can Autumn overcome her shyness, lack of confidence and magical mishaps to be chosen to join Sparkledale Dance Academy?

Enchanting, fun and full of heart, this is a story about growing into yourself, following your dreams and making new friends along the way. With added stunts and magic, of course!

Publication date: #July2022 #2022year


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