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"In the Ring" by Sierra Isley

In the Ring cover

Rose Berman is losing her mind. At least, that’s what everyone at school seems to think.

Plagued by panic attacks that started after her mother's untimely death, Rose is the target of frequent teasing and rumors. But when the star quarterback takes it too far, the school’s tattooed, cigarette-smoking bad boy — Elliott King — steps in.

Rose can’t help but think of Elliott—maybe if she could punch like him, she’d feel safer... stronger. As their worlds intertwine, Rose and Elliott are forced to face their most daunting opponent outside the Ring: their growing feelings for each other.

Surrounded by violence and destruction, Rose’s anxiety begins to spiral. Will her newfound physical strength keep her grounded in reality, or is she doomed to suffer the same fate as her mother?

Disability rep: #MentalHealth #Anxiety

Other representation: #LGBTQIA #Queer #Bisexual #Jewish

Publication date: #September2023 #2023year


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