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"The Infinity Rainbow Club" (series) by Jen Malia & Peter Francis

The Infinity Rainbow Club cover

When the Infinity Rainbow Club at school competes in a brick builder challenge, Nick can't wait to participate! Until he learns he must have a partner—the new girl. Nick wants to work alone. But to win, he'll have to figure out how to be part of a team.

A story about the universal struggle of learning to work together on a team, told from the perspective of an autistic child.

The Infinity Rainbow Club is a chapter book series featuring five neurodivergent children in a club at their elementary school. The club provides a safe space for stims and different communication styles to be accepted and celebrated.

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Genre: #MiddleGrade #Contemporary

Disability rep: #ND #AutismSpectrumDisorder #MentalHealth #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #OCD

Publication date: #September2023 #2023year


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