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"Good Morning, Dinah" by Emily Holyoak

Good Morning, Dinah cover

He's all about change. She's not.

Senior year—not the biggest deal in the world, right? Except that it is, because everything is changing. Most seniors worry about their dates for school dances, soaking up final memories with friends, and planning life after graduation. Seventeen-year-old Dinah Finaylson has other worries, like students brushing against her and her autism service dog, Higgins; like winning board game matches in the disability classroom; and like opening up to a new student, Maverick Wright.

Maverick asks too many strange questions and Dinah is scared of everything that could go wrong by letting this mysterious guy become part of her routine. That is, until he becomes her first best friend. But the moment Dinah makes Maverick part of her schedule, he disappears, changing everything in Dinah's life and sending her into a downward spiral. Was the risk of letting change enter her life worth it? Now that senior year is ruined forever, Dinah can't possibly imagine braving the halls of high school for one more day, let alone finishing senior year-or can she?

Disability rep: #ND #AutismSpectrumDisorder (character uses a service dog)

Publication date: #December2022 #2022year


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