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"Every Time You Go Away" by Abigail Johnson

Every Time You Go Away cover

After three years apart, can they find their way back to each other?

Since the moment Ethan first arrived at his grandparents’ house, Rebecca and Ethan have been drawn to each other. But even as children, they knew their time together was limited. Time and time again, Ethan’s mom would sober up and take him away—only to bring him back when she relapsed.

Three years have passed since Ethan last lived with his grandparents, and Ethan and Rebecca are no longer the same people they once were. Ethan embraced his role as his mother’s caretaker long ago and blames his grandparents for tearing him away from her. Meanwhile, Rebecca is racked with survivor’s guilt after a car accident killed her father. She’s been learning to navigate life as a wheelchair user ever since.

Now that fate has brought them together, they’ll have to learn if the time apart created too much distance between them—or if they can finally find happiness together.

Disability rep: #PhysicalDisability (character uses a wheelchair)

Publication date: #March2023 #2023year



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