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"Challenger Deep" by Neal Shusterman

Challenger Deep cover

A powerful and captivating novel about mental illness, Challenger Deep is a tour de force by New York Times bestselling author Neal Shusterman.

Caden Bosch is on a ship that's headed for the deepest point on Earth: Challenger Deep, the southern part of the Marianas Trench.

Caden Bosch is a brilliant high school student whose friends are starting to notice his odd behaviour.

Caden Bosch is designated the ship's artist in residence to document the journey with images.

Caden Bosch pretends to join the school track team but spends his days walking for miles, absorbed by the thoughts in his head.

Caden Bosch is split between his allegiance to the captain and the allure of mutiny.

Caden Bosch is torn.

Publication date: #April2015 #2015year

Awards won: National Book Award, Young People's Literature (2015), California Book Award, Young Adult (Gold) (2015), Rhode Island Teen Book Award Nominee (2018), Milwaukee County Teen Book Award Nominee (2016), Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis, Preis der Jugendjury (2019), Amelia Elizabeth Walden Award Nominee (2016), Lincoln Award Nominee (2017), Premio El Templo de las Mil Puertas, Mejor novela extranjera independiente (2017)


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