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"An Eye for Magic" by Jaz Laverick

An Eye for Magic cover

All her life, Abigail has felt like a disappointment.

Her magic, if it even is magic, is different and strange, and it causes her nothing but heartache.

Every famous university and court mage this side of the Capital has tested her... but she can't even light a candlestick! Are the things she sees just figments of her imagination? Is Abigail simply mad?

She's left with one final test to find out for certain: the common city guild test.

Dive into the first Abigail Tally novel, where gods, spirits, and catkings bandy about, where magic, murder, and sleuthing are a walk in the district — and a healthy bit of sassy commentary never killed anyone... yet.

Disability rep: #SpeechImpediment (character has a #stutter)

Publication date: #June2022 #2022year



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