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"Afrotistic" by Kala Allen Omeiza

Afrotistic cover

Noa Ohunene Jenkins doesn't feel Black enough. Or autistic enough. Or cool enough.

In her new town, the fifteen-year-old strives to make Dean's Merit Society, an elite honor society that she sees as her ticket to success. To make the society, she needs leadership experience, but there's one problem: Noa struggles to socialize appropriately.

Desperate to make it in the society, she creates her own group consisting of autistic students from her school district and names it the "Roaring Pebbles".

With the assistance of the Roaring Pebbles, a robot toy invention, her nonvocal brother, and a bit of classical Mozart along the way, Noa clings to her chance to make the society. And to one day, finally feel enough.

Other representation: #Black

Publication date: #April2022 #2022year


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