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"A Different Sort of Normal" by Abigail Balfe

A Different Kind of Normal cover

In this joyfully illustrated memoir, author-illustrator Abigail Balfe

recounts her journey growing up autistic and the challenges of

navigating the normal world around her.

Hi! My name is Abigail, and I'm autistic. But I didn't know I was autistic until I was (kind of) an adult. This is my true story of growing up in the confusing normal world, all the while missing some Very Important Information about myself.

There'll be scary moments involving toilets and crowded trains,

heartwarming tales of cats and pianos, and funny memories including my dad and a mysterious tub of ice cream. Along the way, you'll also find some Very Crucial Information about autism.

Important, funny, and completely unique, this book is for anyone who has ever felt different.

Publication date: #July2021 #2021year

*Note: This book is being published in the U.S. under a slightly different title—A Different Kind of Normal!

BONUS! Check out Kait Goodwin's #OwnVoices review of A Different Sort of Normal below & on Goodreads here:

So much of this book echoed my own experiences; reading it felt like walking through my own mind. the order of the stories, the artwork and definitions, just ... everything felt right.
This was an especially lovely experience because I finished Ellen Outside the Lines not that long ago and I feel like this would be a WONDERFUL companion book to Ellen.
Read this if you enjoy CG Drews' social media presence, Kelly Jensen's non fiction anthologies, and/or any Actually Autistic books!!!❞ - Kait Goodwin

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