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"The Words in My Hands" by Asphyxia

The Words in My Hands cover

Part coming of age, part call to action, this Own Voices novel about a Deaf teenager is an exploration of what it means to belong.

Set in an ominously prescient near future, this is the story of Piper. Sixteen, smart, artistic, and rebellious; she's struggling to conform to what her mom wants--for her to be 'normal, ' to pass as hearing, and get a good job. But in a time of food scarcity, environmental collapse, and political corruption, Piper has other things on her mind—like survival.

Deaf since the age of three, Piper has always been told that she needs to compensate in a world that puts those who can hear above everyone else. But when she meets Marley, a whole new world opens up—one where Deafness is something to celebrate rather than hide, and where resilience and hope are created by taking action, building a community, and believing in something better.

Disability rep: #Deaf

Publication date: #September2020 #2020year

Awards won: Schneider Family Book Award, Teens (2022)


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