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"The Stars in My Heart" (series) by Sydney Blondell

The Stars in My Heart cover

In an attempt to cope with her most recent diagnosis, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), Sloan Banks’s cardiologist suggests she join a therapy group the hospital sponsors for chronically ill teenagers. In this group, Sloan meets Harlow Baxter, a teen battling bipolar depression and alcoholism, and Clem Walker, a teen recently diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma.

Though Sloan and Harlow get off to a rocky start, the three teens defy the odds and become each other’s sounding boards as they all struggle to overcome their illness. When she’s not stuck at the hospital or hanging with her newfound friends, Sloan’s boredom at home often results in one of three activities; binge-watching Gilmore Girls, jamming out to any song by Demi Lovato, or trying to master a new gluten-free recipe she’s found on Pinterest that would even make Gordon Ramsay salivate.

Though Sloan’s POTS is a large defining factor of her life, it is not what defines her. She is still the goofy, compassionate, determined Sloan that she was before becoming known as a “sick kid”, and her tenderness re-emerges in her relationships with her new besties. In just six months’ time, Sloan’s world is no longer simply consumed by medication, doctor’s visits, and hospital stays, but now embraces all of that plus friendship, sisterhood, and adventure!

Publication date: #October2022 #2022year


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