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"The Odds" by Lindsay Puckett

The Odds cover

From the author that gave us The Glass Witch comes a whimsical exploration of disability that is equal parts Scooby-Doo and A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Begonia has waited her whole life to be adequately odd.

Sure, she’s the only child resident of a floundering nursing home, has fifty-three magical grandparents, and suffers from debilitating chronic pain, but Begonia doesn’t have an Oddity yet—her magical quirk—which makes her an outsider even among the oddballs. Worst of all, if her powers don’t arrive by her eleventh birthday, she’ll be exiled, losing the only home and family she’s ever known.

When Begonia learns there’s a magical object that can reveal her Oddity, she’ll lie, sneak, steal, and even brave the soul-sucking ghoul attacking the residents one by one to find it. But along her quest, she might discover more than she bargained for: the dangers of letting abilities—and disabilities—define her.

Publication date: #September2023 #2023year


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