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"The Moth Girl" by Heather Kamins

The Moth Girl cover

Anna is a regular teenaged girl. She runs track with her best friend, gets good grades, and sometimes drinks beer at parties. But one day at track practice, Anna falls unconscious...but instead of falling down, she falls up, defying gravity in the disturbing first symptom of a mysterious disease. This begins a series of trips to the hospital that soon become Anna's norm. She's diagnosed with lepidopsy: a rare illness that causes symptoms reminiscent of moths: floating, attraction to light, a craving for sugar, and for an unlucky few, more dangerous physical manifestations.

Anna's world is turned upside down, and as she learns to cope with her illness, she finds herself drifting further and further away from her former life. Her friends don't seem to understand, running track is out of the question, and the other kids at the disease clinic she attends once a week are a cruel reminder that things will never be the same. From debut author Heather Kamins comes a beautiful and evocative story about one girl's journey of choosing who she wants to be—in a life she never planned for.

Disability rep: #ChronicIllness (#Lepidopsy*)

Other representation: #LGBTQIA #Queer #Transgender #Gay

Publication date: #March2022 #2022year

*Note: While Lepidopsy is an entirely fictitious chronic illness, according to Monique on Goodreads, it shares many symptoms with other chronic illnesses, such as "pain, fatigue, brain fog, weird new symptoms and side effects from meds." (check out Monique's review here)


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