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"The Fall of Whit Rivera" by Crystal Maldonado

The Fall of Whit Rivera cover

Could you plan the senior Fall Formal with your (hot) nemesis? Well, Whit has to.

Frenemies Whit and Zay have been at odds for years (ever since he broke up with her freshman year in, like, the most embarrassing way imaginable), but when they're forced to organize their high school's Fall Formal together, everything changes. Has their friction been a big misunderstanding all along?

Blisteringly funny and profoundly well-observed, The Fall of Whit Rivera is a snug and cozy autumn romcom that also touches on weighty issues like PCOS, grief, disability, sexuality, and class.

Funny, honest, insightful, romantic, and poignant, it is Classic Crystal Maldonado—and it will have readers absolutely swooning. This is the book equivalent of a hot mug of cinnamon tea, a soft red scarf, and a fresh apple-cider muffin. Pumpkin spice lattes for everybody!

Other representation: #PuertoRican #Latine #Fat

Publication date: #2023year


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