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"Stella" by McCall Hoyle

Stella cover

Even dogs deserve a second chance. Ever since she was a puppy, Stella was trained to use her powerful beagle nose to sniff out dangerous chemicals and help her handler keep people safe. But during a routine security inspection, Stella misses the scent of an explosive. The sound of the blast is loud and scary. Unable to go back to work because of her anxiety, Stella is retired as a working dog. When a young girl named Cloe wants to adopt Stella, the beagle knows this is her last chance to prove her worth. But how? When Stella smells a strange chemical inside Cloe’s body, a scent that surges just before the girl has a seizure, Stella’s nose makes the connection. But how can Stella warn her new family without them thinking she’s having an anxiety attack? How can she convince others that she can be a new kind of service dog and hopefully save Cloe’s life? Told from Stella’s perspective, this story is about a special dog who must find the courage to overcome her fears in order to help save a young girl with epilepsy.

Genre: #YA #MiddleGrade #Contemporary #Animals (written from the perspective of a dog)

Disability rep: #ChronicIllness #Epilepsy (character has frequent seizures) #MentalHealth #Anxiety #PostTraumaticStressDisorder #PTSD

Publication date: #March2021 #2021year

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