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"See Me As I Am" by Cheryl Wanner

See Me As I Am cover

Being blind doesn’t stop seventeen-year-old Jenny Ryan from going after what she wants. Journalism byline? Horse sports? Rock climbing? No problem. Meet Liam O’Shannon, frontman for hard-rocking Irish band (also named) O’Shannon? Jenny’s got a plan for that, too.

She’s already landed a backstage pass for the Portland tour stop where she hopes to interview her idol for a write up in her school paper. Instead, she finds herself in an unexpected convo with the band’s junior publicist, Jamie Conway. Not exactly her dream. But Jamie is sweet and thoughtful and later offers to arrange an interview for her with Liam.

Throughout the tour, he and Jenny keep in touch, and their long-distance friendship deepens into something that challenges Liam’s place in her heart. What Jenny can’t see is the truth Jamie’s disguising; one that will shatter the growing trust between them and force her to question everything she knew about him—and what it truly means to love someone.

Disability rep: #Blind

Publication date: #May2023 #2023year


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