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"Give Me A Sign" by Anna Sortino

Give Me A Sign cover

Jenny Han meets CODA in this big-hearted YA debut about first love and Deaf pride at a summer camp.

Lilah is tired of being stuck in the middle. At least, that’s what having a hearing loss seems like sometimes - when you’re feeling neither “deaf enough” to identify as Deaf, nor hearing enough to meet the world’s expectations.

Ready for a change, Lilah becomes a counselor at a summer camp for the deaf and blind, where she plans to brush up on her ASL. Once there, Lilah also finds a community. There are British lifeguards, who are very cute and very hard to understand; a YouTuber, who’s just a bit desperate for clout; the campers Lilah’s responsible for (and maybe a bit overwhelmed by) - and there’s Isaac, the dreamy Deaf counselor who volunteers to help Lilah with her signing.

Romance was never on the agenda, and Lilah’s not positive Isaac likes her that way. But all signs seem to point to love—unless Lilah’s reading them wrong? One thing is for sure: Lilah wanted change, and things here… are definitely different than she’s used to.

Disability rep: #Deaf #Blind

Publication date: #July2023 #2023year


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