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"Double Negative" by Susan Marshall

Double Negative cover

Injured competitive swimmer Reece never wanted to be Vice Prez of West Hill High. It was her brother Jamie's idea, just something to do until she could get back into the pool.

She knew that Jamie-who led his campaign with a striptease "election speech"-would be a complete "President Dumbass." But Reece didn't foresee that she'd fall hard for Jamie's Student Council rival, Zain.

Zain is hot and intense, plus an amputee and a basketball star. Between Zain's disability and Reece's surgery, they have their challenges, but that deepens their connection-until he drops a bombshell about his accident. Suddenly, everything important to Reece starts to implode.

Struggling with issues of family loyalty, secrets, and scars, Reece must decide if real relationships are worth the heartache.

Disability rep: #PhysicalDisability #Amputee #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Injury (character has a shoulder injury resulting in surgery)

Publication date: #November2021 #2021year

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