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"Caffeine" by Livia Halteh

Caffeine cover

Aspen Haste struggles with things most teenagers have no problem dealing with. As a sixteen-year-old girl with crippling anxiety and currently on medication, her only solace is the same order she asks in Café de Fleur. This helps somewhat, but she still has to deal with the perils of teenage life, as well as her insomnia from the medication.

Well . . . there’s also Isaac Hensick, one of the “It Boys” of the school whose reputation precedes him. Nevertheless, Aspen is also aware of his other side, and that is the boy who draws on his sketchpad at the corner of Café de Fleur.

Maybe there is more to him than the school knows, but she didn’t think she would find out.

That’s what she thought. Now that she’s become the target of his attention, she’s going to need more than coffee to deal with the headaches.

Publication date: #June2021 #2021year


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